No. A2000 Keyed Different Hidden Shackle Padlocks

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    American Lock
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  • Keying Option Descriptions - Some options may not be available for this model.
  • KD  (Keyed Different) - Each lock keyed different 
  • KA (Keyed Alike) - Each lock keyed  alike (Make sure KA is in the part number)
  • MK (Master Keyed) -  Each lock keyed different with common "master key" to open  all
  • KAMK (Keyed Alike  Master Keyed) - Keyed alike in sets, with common "master  key"
Keyed Different, Hidden Shackle; 2-7/8 in. Die Cast Steel Padlock; 6-pin APTC2001 cylinder; See Overview below to view detailed product specifications

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