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International Shipping Procedure

Instructions for International orders

At HPI, we are proud to supply our international customers with security products they need as quickly, accurately, and as cost effective as possible . Due to the great variation in international shipping costs this website is not able to process international orders, but don’t fear, completion of your order is only an email or two away!
 Please follow the instructions below and a customer service representative will send you an official quote via email, along with easy instructions on how to proceed with an order.
To begin, please “REQUEST A QUOTE
1.       Please provide information as to the name of your company (if applicable), your name and contact information, especially the intended shipping address, so that we can contact you as soon as possible with the information you require to place your order.
2.       Make sure to specify all items you would like to get a quote on, include model numbers, quantities, and any other information pertinent to your order.
3.       Once your quote request is submitted a customer service representative will contact  you via email within 2 business days or less.
4.       It should be noted that all international orders require wire-transfer of funds as the payment method.  Your customer service representative will provide all the necessary banking information and be able to answer all your questions regarding the order.