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Standard Combination
With Key Control
Buy 1000 +
As low as $4.59
Standard Combination
With Charts
As low as $3.69
Built-in Combination
Locker Locks
Buy 24 +
As Low as $13.75
Built-in Keyed
Locker Locks
Buy 24 +
As Low as $10.02
Control Keys
Combination Accessories
As Low as $4.99
Ordering with a P.O.
All Schools | Institutions | and Government Agencies No Credit Application Needed. Fax, email, or call us with your PO # and order. ORDERING IS EASY... 1. CLICK THE 1502/1525 ORDER FORM BUTTON 2. ENTER YOUR ORDER 3. SUBMIT FAX: 619.444.5677 | EMAIL: help@masterlocks.com
Note: For your protection, two signatures are required. All combination requests must be submitted in writing. Please print, fill out and sign the printable request form and fax or mail back with your signature on a copy of your school's or company's letter head. End user serial number is required for combination recovery
1500 AND 1502?
Both models are equal in their performance. Model 1500 is a standard dial combination. Model 1502 is a standard dial combination that includes combination chart to facilitate lock system administration.
Is your school tax exempt?
Be sure to send or fax us your tax exemption form for your state.